I’m speaking at next year’s Brighton SEO in April!

So it seems a few people actually like what I natter on about when I’m speaking! So much so, I’m speaking at Brighton SEO in April.

Speaking at digital and SEO conferences is a goal of mine that I managed to accomplish for the first time just this year at SearchLeeds.

An opportunity popped up thanks to a last minute speaking cancellation just days before this year’s event. I jumped at the chance, pitched and bagged the 20-min slot.

Since then my talks and stage presence have gone from strength to strength and so have the speaking opportunities. You can checkout my feedback from each of my talks / features below.

My speaking feedback

Elephate in the Room – SEO Podcast

A honour to be featured – Elephate in the Room is a light, comical digital / SEO podcast featuring some of the greatest influencers in the industry. I was invited to record an episode based on the great feedback from my SearchLove talk, I couldn’t say no!

SearchLove ’18

By far my most ambitious talk to date and equally (and happily) the most well-received. The highlight for me? Getting a shout of from Google’s Mr. John Mueller himself:

SearchLeeds ’18

The response and feedback from my SearchLeeds slot was incredible! With literally just 3 days to pitch and prepare, comments have been both positive, plentiful and they completely took me by surprise. Some of the favourites can be seen below:

Featured SearchLeeds Write-ups

Key Takeaways of SearchLeeds 2018

SearchLeeds 2018: SISTRIX Technical SEO Stage Live Blog

Speaking at your event

Naturally I’d love further opportunities to speak at more SEO/Digital events regardless of their size or whether they’re established or new. If you’d like to have me speak at your event, please get in touch.